Active Date Ideas To Do With Your Valentine This Year

If you’re getting prepared for Valentine’s Day and thinking about what you can plan for your special significant other, you should stop and turn to some active ideas.  Most people go out for dinner or spend a romantic evening indoors, but you might just find you enjoy yourself that much more if you take your date outside and do something different.

Getting active is going to cause an adrenaline rush in the body and these feelings of physical excitement can help to improve the bond and connection you feel with your partner. Those who get active together often enjoy healthier and happier relationships, plus you can feel good about doing something for your body. Let’s look at a few active date ideas that you could consider that are far better when shared with a partner.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is fantastic activity to do with your partner and will likely offer something different that neither of you have done much of before.

You can sign up for  a quick rock climbing lesson at most rock climbing facilities that will help you learn the ropes so you’re better prepared.

Challenge each other to see who can climb the farthest while being there for support and guidance if your partner needs it.


Another great physical activity to consider is kayaking and canoeing.  These are both much better done in couples as you’ll have more muscular strength behind you and be able to control the boat that much better.

This workout is going to target the upper body as well as the core, plus you’ll burn plenty of calories while doing it so it’ll be a perfect solution to burn off whatever treats you indulge in at dinner.


If you prefer to get out into the great outdoors, consider going for a long walk with your significant other up a mountain.  Getting into the wilderness can be a great way to reconnect with them without the stress of the everyday busy environment of the city. A good 3-4 hour hike can burn up to 1000 or more calories so you can feel great that you’re doing something positive for your body as well. Consider packing a picnic to take with you and stop half way up to refuel.


Finally, the last active idea that you can do with your significant other this Valentine’s day is to take a cycling journey around your city. Map out a few trails you want to follow and plot some quick stops along the way.  Go for coffee, stop and peruse through a book shop, and then dine somewhere special for dinner. This is the perfect little day ‘getaway’ that doesn’t even involve leaving your own city.  You’ll end the day feeling relaxed and with a memory you’ll cherish forever.

So keep these ideas in mind this coming Valentine’s day.  Rather than doing the traditional dinner in with a box of chocolates and some flowers, consider these ideas instead.